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Hey there! My name is Samvit Agarwal, and I’m currently a senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South in New Jersey. I'm extremely interested in computer science and entrepreneurship, and I aim to make products that can impact people across the world. Over the past few years, I've immersed myself in a suite of activities that have allowed me to explore these passions in greater depth, and I built this website to showcase some of my most notable experiences and projects.

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Featured Projects


A crowdsourced, real-time app that adapts to the city around you.

Big cities can often be confusing. Finding even the simplest of things - the nearest restroom, parking space, or garage can be quite a hassle. These petty inconveniences can take a much more serious turn, however, when it comes to crimes committed or potential danger within the city. IntelliCity was designed to accommodate each one of these situations by providing users with a flexible, real-time app that reacts to the city around them.

*Placed in the top 30 at PennAPPS 2019

Social Eyes

Social media monitoring system built with natural language processing.

Every day millions of people across the world use social media platforms such as Twitter and often post unintentionally offensive or profane content in an impulsive manner. Through its use of natural language processing, Social Eyes provides users with a simple interface that helps them identify and remove such posts.

*Won 1st place at MakeSPP 2018

Crisis Connect

Helping disaster victims get their message out, even without wifi or cellular networks.

Although millions of people across the world are affected by some form of disaster every day, these people often find themselves without the proper resources to escape danger once they find themselves in it. Crisis Connect aims to solve this issue by providing victims without access to the internet or other forms of communication to make their voice heard by propagating their messages through a mesh network of nodes until a device with internet is found.

*Placed in the top 5 at ProfHacks 2019


Leveraging the power of machine learning for better note-taking.

NoiceML was made to simplify the note-taking process many students go through, which often results in subpar understanding. It uses live natural language processing in order to construct a transcribed version of a lecture, that intelligently maps notes to specific parts of the lecture. Through the use of text-to-speech and translation APIs, it also enables users to get a live translation of a lecture in a plethora of different languages.

*Won Best High School Hack at HackTCNJ 2019


Decentralized marketplace connecting vedors to buyers amidst COVID-19.

With the recent surges in demand for essential products and subsequent shortages across stores throughout the nation, many people have found themselves unable to purchase even basic items. Unifyd aims to solve these issues by providing a democratized and decentralized platform that connects vendors with customers and provides an adaptable interface that reflects constantly changing prices and supplies. A platform like this eliminates the need to constantly make risky trips to stores just to check for supplies and provides users with an easy to use system to ensure they get the things they need most.

Experience and Initiatives

CS Remastered

President & Founder

CS Remastered is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization I founded during my freshman year, aimed at teaching students one-on-one computer science for free. My motivation for starting this largely came from my parents, who would often ask me to help out kids around the neighborhood with their programming-related questions. After working with some of these kids, I realized that while they all shared a genuine passion for computer science, there simply weren't enough good resources out there to help them get started. The resources that did exist, would often stress memorization or language-specific syntax, ignoring the true essence of the subject. At CS Remastered, our goal is to teach students computer science in an extremely adaptable way, one that is tailored to each individual student and their own schedule, and our projects and teaching style stress genuine understanding over brute memorization. I was featured on NJ.Com and The Christian Science Monitor for my accomplishments. I was also given a national Point of Light Award.


CEO & Co-founder

Hospified is a healthcare startup that aims to bring more transparency to healthcare prices through user crowdsourcing. After learning about fundamental flaws in America's healthcare system(namely information-asymmetry and a lack of price transparency), I was inspired to create a platform that helped remedy some of these flaws. Hospified is a simple Web App that allows users to submit their medical price reports and view reports submitted by others. By making this data more transparent, we hope to eventually push down prices in the industry. Won the national Congressional App Challenge.

NJ Governor's STEM Scholars

Research Scholar

I was selected in an annual group of about 90 students(1000+ applicants) to conduct research and participate in internships to bolster NJ's STEM pipeline. I'm currently working on a year-long research project focused on analyzing flood resistant homes through machine learning and core engineering principles.

Rutgers Intelligent Visual Interfaces Lab

Summer Research Intern

Since the summer of 2020, I've been working under Dr. Mubassir Kapadia and Prof. Mathew Schwartz to conduct research in optimal sign placement using machine learning & image recognition tools. We have created models to classify outdoor and indoor signs as either readable or not readable and theorize their correct positioning for best readability and visual clarity.


Technology Content Creator

I started creating videos for YouTube more than 5 years ago, mainly to help out my friends and family with technical issues. Ever since then, I have made a plethora of how-to and review videos, guiding people through various aspects of technology.

Central Jersey Student Innovators Association

Vice President

CJSIA is an organization comprised of more than 150 entrepreneurially minded students throughout New Jersey that aims to bridge the gap between age and innovation. We routinely organize and run seminars from some of the most influential entrepreneurs in our area, and provide workshops on topics related to business, public speaking, and technology. As the Vice President, I work directly with guest speakers and local entrepreneurs to help students leverage a variety of different skills in their projects.

Model United Nations


I have been involved in my school's Model U.N. club ever since my freshman year, and have been to several regional and national level conferences along the way. At these conferences, I have spoken on a variety of global issues and modern-day crises, and have worked in groups to come up with and present real-time solutions. As the Director-General, I co-head the organizing team for my school's own annual conference and oversee fundraising, logisitcs, and outreach.

University of Pennsylvania

Summer Research Intern

Over the summer of 2019, I worked under Prof. Sebastian Angel to conduct cybersecurity research relating to cryptography and key-exchange mechanisms. Together, we worked on developing a fully anonymous messaging service that prevents advanced security issues such as traffic analysis or packet-sniffing, privacy shortcomings even the most popular messaging platforms suffer from today.

Code Ninjas


Code Ninjas is a company focused on teaching game-development in an easy to learn manner, one that is accessible to students across different ages. As an instructor, I worked directly with a variety of different kids and guided them through game development in basic languages such as Scratch, all the way up to complex real-world languages including C# and Javascript.

USA Computing Olympiad

Gold Division Competitor

As a competitor in this national-level computer science olympiad, I regularly solve algorithmic and theoretical computer science problems, which has helped me grow my problem-solving skills and overall mathematical intuition. I have also learned and implemented various algorithms and data-structures along the way, some of which I have even been able to incorporate into my other apps and projects.

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